Reserve Bank of India (RBI), controls the monetary policy of the Indian currency, controls liquidity and money supply in the market.

Thereby RBI ensures overall economic growth and keep track and fix different interest rate

Repo Rate: rate at which the RBI lends funds to commercial banks and other financial institutions within the country during a financial crisis, current repo rate is 6.25%.

Reverse Repo Rate: The rate of interest paid by RBI to commercial banks due to financial crunch in RBI treasury,current reverse repo rate is 3.35%.

Bank Rate:Rate of interest charged by The Central Bank of India against loans offered to commercial banks, current bank rate is 6.50%.

Base Rate:Minimum rate of interest charge by the bank when they lend money to their customers, current base rate is 7.25% to 8.80%.

Savings Deposit Rate: Interest rate earned by an account holder for the amount maintained in their savings account, current Savings Deposit Rate is 3.00%-6.20%.

Term Deposit Rate: Interest awarded to customers for depositing their money for a particular period,current term deposit rate is 2.10%-7.50%.

Call Rate:Interest rate paid by the banks for lending and borrowing funds for a maturity period of 1 to 14 days,current call rate is 6.13%.