tesla semi truck Successfully crossed 804 km carrying a load of about 37,000 kg

Literally 100% of the GSW (electric semi trunks Gross Combination Weight), approx 37,195kg

It was Nov 2017 when the making of this EV was 1st officially announced

This Oct, Musk claimed about the achievements of his electric HMV

It's first delivery is scheduled to be on Dec 1

PepsiCo will be the first to use Tesla's heavy motor EV

Tesla promised to deliver about 15 by the end of 2022

Pre order made by PepsiCo is of 100 HMV's

Elon's most recent tweet on Nov 27, boosting -500 miles with 81,000 lbs.

tesla semi truck, made to be a game changer for both- EV-HMV industry.