It doesn't matter if IRAs / traditional - Robinhood is at 1%

'HOOD', after this decision is now directly competing with others like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, etc.

The '1% match' - decision by Robinhood is made to lift the company's market value

HOOD stimulated during the COVID pandemic; & lockdown was a boom but this glory started to fade

Hence on Tuesday Robinhood officially announced their decision of 1% match.

1st 'Layoff' in April -9%full-time staff ; 2nd in August- 23% of workforce.

Access to ETFs (exchange-traded funds) & stocks - offer by Retirement accounts

Q3's calculated to be of 12.2 million of active monthly users

A downfall of 1.8 million users can be observed when compared with previous quarter

By New Year, retirement acc. gonna be available to users- said Vlad Tenev (Chief Executive Officer)