Kalamazoo, Michigan - cheapest among all; with a cost of about 24.3% below US avg. for living.

According to Council for Community and Economic Research's (C2ER) some cheapest towns are-

'South from the Mason-Dixon line', considered to be some best options.

Prices of housing, groceries, healthcare, transportation, & other basic needs are evaluated by C2ER.

Fort Wayne, Indiana - with an average cost of living is about 13.7% below U.S. average

Other states under this category are Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, like wise.

Cost of living: 23.4% below U.S. average at - Harlingen, Southern Texas

It's 20.4% below U.S. average in Jackson, Mississippi (the eclectic city)

Knoxville, Tennessee - with a living at a cost 17.7% below U.S. average (by 'Cost of Living Index')

Ratings were published by "The Cost of Living Index" & "C2ER"