Top 5 types of housing loans that helped millions

Borrowers with a good history and credit score : CONVENTIONAL LOAN

2- JUMBO LOAN for the one with excellent credit & are looking for expensive home

For those who are dealing with their low credit score can have GOVT. LOAN

The GOVERNMENT LOAN is a suitable option for people having minimal cash for down payment

There's something called FIXED-RATE MORTGAGE where borrowers compelled to pay a fixed amount monthly

FIXED-RATE MORTGAGE is best for those who choose a predictable set monthly payment till the end.

5th is ADJUSTABLE-RATE MORTGAGE, which should be preferable to those who want short term benefits.

All those who aren't supposed to stay in the house for more time and prefer to pay more in future.

ADJUSTABLE-RATE MORTGAGE is made just for those who go with lower payment in the short term.