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About Employment Exchange Department of Haryana

In 1959, The Employment Exchange (mandatory announcement of vacuities) Department administers the act has been started. In this act Central enactment and the rule framed there under.

An aggregate of 65 Employment Exchanges are presently operating in the state, out of which

  • 1 state Employment Exchange of Haryana in Panchkula,
  • and 6 Divisional Employment Exchanges,
  • 16 District Employment Exchanges,
  • 39 Sub Divisional Employment Exchanges,
  • 3 University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau.

Total 3 Cells are performing at State Employment Exchange Panchkula.

  • 1 Professional and Executive( P & E) Cell.
  • 1 slated estate( SC) Cell.
  • 1 Person with Disability( PwD) Cell.

Working types of Employment Exchange Haryana

The  Employment Exchange Haryana is working on three types of applications.

  • Register the candidate’s applications and placement.
  • Providing vocational guidance to job seekers.
  • From the Established organized sector, they collect the employment data from the employment market.

How to Register online on the Employment Exchange of Haryana’s website.

1. For online employment registration haryana visit the official Employment Exchange of Haryana’s hrex website which is hrex.gov.in and the same for the working candidates who can apply online for the job applications for a better opportunity.

2. Once you entered all of your details in the Employment Exchange of Haryana candidate’s registration link.

3. Candidates need to send their self-attested documents to the Employment Exchange hrex concerned department for the registrations.

4. The auto-system-generated number will come automatically.

5. The registration number will be unique and remain the same once it was generated and old candidates will transfer from the department to another department in Haryana.

6. For old candidates, they will require NOC (NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATION)

7. After the submission of the applicant registration, the request will be directly sent to Concerned Employment Officer/ Official and they will verify the request to complete the registration process.

8. Candidate must mention the name of exchange and mode of registration online or offline.

Renewal contract for Candidates.

1. Renewal time is only for 3 years from the month of the registration for all applicants.

2. Applicants can get their registration renewed and registration transferred from one Employment Exchange to other.

3. Employment Exchange program for 10th and 12th pass out.

4. This is an extra benefit for students who want to do things for their future.

The government has given the golden opportunity to the students and students can register online job applications and earn money for their future.

The listed amount is below.

  • For (12th pass) Art Subjects Candidates the amount is 500/- INR per month.
  • For (12th pass) Science Subjects Candidates the amount is 750/- INR per month.
  • For the Female candidate’s 12th pass the amount is 900/- INR per month.
  • For the Art Subject (Graduate) candidates, the amount is 750/- INR per month.
  • For the Science Subject (Graduate) candidates the amount is 1000/- INR per month.
  • For the Female candidates (Graduate) the amount is 1500/- INR per month.

The procedure of applying for the job.

  • Valid qualification documents and a degree from Government  University / Institute of Haryana state and candidate must carry the important documents at the time of verification.
  • For NRI Candidates must have a Valid visa and applicants’ procedure details should be on their phones and email id.
  • Haryana Id Proofs and Residential proof.
  • Passport size photocopy is attached with the application form.
  • Printout of the Provisional I-card.
  • Candidates must fill in their details appropriately the first time they log in to the Employment Exchange of Haryana
  • On the Employment Exchange of Haryana’s website, candidate must fill their marks correctly.

Vacancies Submission

In addition, whenever the employer posts a job opening, the same exchange register it, and Candidates can fill their qualifications, registration, and age status accordingly in forms.

Vocational Guideline

This department has grown its network at a very big scale and it helps to provide the right career choices to young people. It has 20 vocational guidelines united throughout three universities. With the help of group guidance, career talks, career weeks, individual information, and individual counseling, these units provide vocationally and provide the important information to the applicants. These kinds of departments are also testing the IQ levels and aptitude levels.

This unites provides vocational guidelines to understand the working world, learn about vocations and consider their terms to how well they fit with employment. Vocational has a specific goal is to provide the right guidance to that the candidate choose their path accordingly.

The Employment officer also advises the applicants about vacancies with the source newspaper/ online with other sources. Like -DGE&T, other sources and V.G unites.

Career Guidance is also being celebrated twice a year.

  • In Employment Exchange of Haryana’s school candidates and school dropout candidates can get the education knowledge. They can get the knowledge about their jobs and training and suggest them to choose their related fields.
  • Schools are getting involved in it and provide the various guidance activities like talks, seminars, discussions, display of material through booklets, leaflets, posters, Arts and films are utilized so that a maximum number of students can take benefit out of it.
  • Career Exhibitions are arranged by the exchanges. Hence all the candidates will get all the information on educational and vocational courses with the help of audio-visual aids.
  • These kinds of career conferences and exhibitions are well-publicized and advertised so that maximum candidates can get the benefits.

Additionally, to boost the confidence of job seekers, the Employment Officer (VG) regularly reviews the cases of applicants who have been registered online for a long time or have not been submitted anywhere or due to network error, it was unsuccessful to provide them with individualized guidance for finding early and suitable employment as well as timely information about openings and admissions.

Self Employment

The employment officers are guiding applications regarding the self-employment schemes being operated by the various government departments/ /Boards/Corporations of Haryana State. And for those who want to work separately, can register under the self-employment schemes and various agencies will be sponsored to grant their loan.

Unemployment Allowance Schemes.
  • This scheme initially was launched on 1st November 1988 by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister. This scheme has a few benefits for applicants who were in metric and above.
  • It has three slabs for matric @ 50/- INR, 10+2 @ 75/- INR and for graduate candidates and above were paid @ 100/- INR Per month.
  • This scheme was again amended in November 2004. The allowance for matric and above was raised to Rs. 100/- per month, for 10+2 @ Rs. 200/- and for graduates was raised to Rs. 300/-.
  • In addition, this scheme has been again amended in November 2005, For 10+2 or above applicants were paid @ Rs. 300/- per month and graduates and above were paid @ Rs. 500/- per month.
  • This rates allowance was again revised on 1/4/2009 and to date on this scheme, rates are the remain same as, for 10+2 @ 900/- INR, for Graduate @ 1500/- INR, and Post Graduate @3000/- INR.

Necessary Information For Employment Exchange of Haryana:-

Whenever a candidate will enter the Employment Exchange of Haryana’s hrex link online, the Candidate must be careful while making the registration.

  • While filling out the form candidate must take help from the authorized department.
  • Candidates should not share their online passwords with others.
  • You can search the address SCO 17, Sector 7, /Madhya Marg Chandigarh.

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